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the comprehensive guide to getting the most out of credit cards

This guide is something that we spent weeks putting together for you. We scoured the internet, we talked with some experts, and we even called the FTC.

Whether you've never had a credit card or you've had them for 20 years, you will learn something new.

It's chock full with well-researched information covering everything from credit basics to carrying a large balance to maximizing your rewards. Best of all, there are multiple walkthroughs based on different possible situations you may be in.

Online Calculators


Most people could benefit from getting a new credit card earlier than they do. You can get more rewards, better credit, additional benefits, and more. Find out if you should get one.

Realize you need a new card

One of the biggest factors when choosing a new card is if the annual fee is worth it. After all, those rewards you get are no good if they're cancelled out by your annual fee!

Can you justify the annual fee?

You get the most rewards from your credit card when you get a sign-up bonus. After you check out this infographic, you can use our calculator (above) to run some numbers.

View the bump from a sign-up bonus

So, you've got this awesome card that gives you tons of points (or miles). But when should you use them? The answer isn't so simple.

Help me maximize the value of my points

Here is a simple example of how credit card interest affects your monthly bill.

Realize that you don't want to pay interest

Need help making a decision and you know a pretty graphic would help you make that decision sooo easily? Hit us up with your idea and we'll see if we can help!

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