Reid’s appearance on “One Small Bite”

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We were stoked to be a guest on the "One Small Bite" Podcast. LISTEN HERE!

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- the course page for Kickstart Your Kitchen (KYK)
- some great lists that will make life in the kitchen better and easier
- David's appearance on our weekday morning show, "What the hell is water?"

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David's appearance on "What the hell is water?"

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check out David's appearance on H4L's live weekday morning show.

The Kickstart Your Kitchen lists

Here's the magical goodness you're looking for

Moving out? Getting married? Never had someone tell you the right tools for the kitchen? Those are just a few reasons why you might want this list.

Gear up, no matter what the reason!

Never start a grocery list from scratch again. Keep these staples stocked and you'll be able to make a variety of meals with what you have on hand.

Stock these staples and enjoy less stress shopping & cooking!

Even if you don't care about looking "Pinterest worthy," everything having its place will save you time, money, and stress.

Organize your space and bring on the smiles

As you're going through the lists, if you have any questions or are wondering what YOU specifically should get, ask us and we'll gladly help you out!


Whether for yourself, someone you know, or a group. We can help.