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What this calculator does

Although this is the simplest calculator we have, what you use it for is very powerful. This calculator exists for you to determine the actual value of your credit card points. You can then use this knowledge to maximize your credit card rewards.

FYI: we have an infographic that goes hand-in-hand with this calculator, should I pay with credit card points or money.

Okay, how do I work it?

  1. Create the scenario of how you will spend your points. For example, buying a flight.
    • Make sure you are comparing 2 flights that you would actually take!
    • For example, don’t compare a normal daytime flight with a red eye, unless for this trip you would actually take either of those flights.
  2. Using this scenario, figure out the below:
    • (We recommend going all the way to checkout to make sure that you see the final total with all of the fees)
    • If you paid for it using only money, how much money you would spend
    • If you used points, how much money you would spend and how many points you would use
  3. Punch those numbers into the calculator.
  4. Hit calculate and check out the results!
  5. Use the infographic to decide if you should use your points.
  6. Rinse and repeat as needed, tweaking numbers to compare.

Helpful notes

The actual value of a credit card point (or mile) is determined when you use it. Yes, there are 3rd party evaluations of credit card points values, but that is theoretical. Until you use your points, their effective value is $0!

So, exactly HOW you use your points can make a massive difference in the value of your credit card rewards. You may think that you're getting 3% back, but in reality, the way you use your points makes them worth only 1%.

This may sound like splitting hairs, but at $ 2,000/month, that's still $ 480/year of difference. That can buy a cross-country flight! The point is that you need to pay attention to how you spend your points.

What else should I know about credit card rewards?

Boy, oh boy, there is a lot you can do to make loads of money off of your credit card. It's one of the many things that we talk about in our comprehensive guide on credit cards! Whether you've never had a credit card or you've had them for 20 years, you will learn something new.

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