Coffee calculator

Figure out what ratio of coffee you love the best

This calculator will lead to you drinking more delicious bean water for the rest of your life!

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What this calculator does

The whole purpose of this calculator is help you figure out what the ideal ratio of coffee to water is for you. If you haven't already, check out our TikTok video below showing you this process. It's less than 1-minute long, you've got time.

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Okay, how do I work it?

As seen in our TikTok video, we recommend you try different ratios, but we've provided a good starting point. Try our recommended ratio and maybe a couple higher & lower to see what you like best!

First, find the ratio that you're using now (if you know it).

Then, calculate new ratios to find your perfect cup.

  1. Type in how much coffee you want to brew
    • (if you're doing multiple tasters, we recommend only making a little so you don't drink too much coffee or waste it)
  2. Choose your method
    • Percolation = drip & pour over
    • Infusion = French press, cowboy, & cold brew
  3. Choose a ratio you want to use as the "center"
    • You can use what we recommend or come up with your own ratio.
  4. Then try some HIGHER ratios and some LOWER ratios to figure out which you like best.
    • Stronger coffee tastes more A and B.
    • Weaker coffee taste more like water. Also C and D.

Lastly, scale your ideal ratio (maybe to make the perfect carafe?).

Helpful notes

  • The numbers are MUCH nicer and easier with metric, so we encourage you to use it - especially if you have a scale.
  • A digital scale is WAY more accurate than trying to measure the water & coffee by eye. But if you don't have a scale, you can use 5 g per Tbsp of coffee to get close (that's what we used here).
  • For water, 1 g = 1 mL
  • There are 8 fl oz in a cup

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This document is provided for informational purposes only. We are not licensed coffee advisors. Neither Helpful For Life LLC nor its associated parties will be liable for any damage, expense, or other loss you may suffer based on your reliance on this document.

Haha, licensed coffee advisors...that's probably not even a thing.

Find the ratio that you're using now

Metric Imperial (USA)
I use this much water mL fl oz
I use this much ground coffee g Tbsp
That means that the ratio you're currently using is 60 g per L 2.8 Tbsp per cup

Calculate new ratios to find your perfect cup

Metric Imperial (USA)
How much coffee do you want to brew? mL fl oz
Percolation OR infusion?

Recommended starting ratio 60 g per L 2.8 Tbsp per cup
Ratio you want to use g per L Tbsp per cup
For this ratio, use this much ground coffee 15 g 3 Tbsp

Scale your ideal ratio (maybe to make the perfect carafe?)

Metric Imperial (USA)
I want to drink THIS MUCH brewed coffee mL fl oz
So you should use this much ground coffee 60 g 12 Tbsp