What’s the problem?

  • People act like they have it all together. Like they know what they’re doing. Just check out their social media! The truth is, nobody has it all together.
  • But we’re all figuring it out just-in-time, or in many cases, too late.
  • And to make it worse, many people are learning from the wrong places! They learn about sex from porn and relationships from reality TV. Then they choose their health insurance and retirement plan based on what their coworker chose.

That’s where we come in. Learn it here knowing that we did the hard research for you. Take this info, make the right decisions for yourself, then share this site with your friends and family so we can help them too.

Percent of Americans Who…

Get the recommended amt. of physical activity
Are NOT engaged at work
Can define the 4 key terms of health insurance
Reported that their family saved money in 2015
U.S. Adults Trying to Make It
U.S. Adults Who Have It All Figured Out

Don’t worry non-Americans, most of what we teach is universal! 😁

Learn about H4L with a magical moving picture!

About us


Be the first resource people across the world consult when making life choices.


Empower you to do what you want to do.


Be a well-researched resource accessible to people of all walks of life, educating and empowering them to confidently do what they want to do.

What we are NOT

Another blog or answers site

There will be no posts by hotstuff2438. No advice on buying taxes because “that’s how I do it.” It is real information that is well researched and referenced.

Plastered with ads, pop-ups, and clickbait.

We are all about giving you the best experience possible. We ain’t about that life – even if it would make us more $.

A narrowly focused site.

There are countless sites that cover any one or two of these topics. We cover the most important parts about all of them.

What we are

Well researched and referenced.

Every piece of content we produce will include links to our many sources. Unlike many sites, we want you to know where we get our information and be able to dive into our sources if you want.


Our aim is to help YOU make the right decisions and hopefully, you’ll use your new knowledge to help out your friends and family.

Helpful for life.

Right now, you will benefit from some of our content. Down the road in 1, 5, 10, and 20 years, you will be in a different life situation. We’ll be here.

Core Team

reid prof pic


Founder and CEO

Reid started out as an electrical engineer before founding Helpful For Life. He uses his nerdy analytical skills to weed through all of the crap and tell you what you need to know.

Fun fact – he traveled around the US & Canada for a year living in an RV with his wife & dog.

Check out more at ReidPGarcia.com !

danielle prof


929th of Her Name, the Empath, Breaker of Cheese, and Mother of Content

Danielle has a way with words. She does an amazing job helping Reid tweak the content to perfection. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her eating cheese in many forms and procrastinating exercising it off.

Check out more at DanielleMGarcia.com !

Kenny profile pic_2022-04


Lieutenant DAMM

(Database, Automation, Multimedia, & More!)

Kenny supplies a lot of magic behind the scenes. It’s hard to make Reid look good on camera, but he does it. From creative direction to scene set-up to clever editing and more, Kenny’s critical eye is always brought on for the big stuff.

On top of that, Kenny is a wizard with all things database and automation. He can figure out how to make anything work together – efficiently & easily – such that anyone can use it.

(ha, 1st I called him “multimedia eagle eye” and now he’s “Lieutenant DAMM” – this is what happens when you don’t choose your title)